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5xx : Server Error

    Return codes within the 500 range indicate that the server has encountered some type of internal problem. Occurs very often with CGI/Java systems.
500 Internal Server Error:
    There isn't much that can be done about this but contact site admin or review the failed code.
501 Not Implemented:
    This occurs when a request is made for an action from the server that the server isn't able to perform.
502 Bad Gateway:
    This happens the a server has to request data from another server to fulfill a client/browser request. The error occurs when the 2nd server returns an error to the first server.
503 Service Unavailable:
    This is returned when a server is grossly overworked and can not fulfill anymore requests at the moment.
504 Gateway Timeout:
    Your modem or Internet connection has been terminated. This usually happens after a predetermined period of inactivity.
505 HTTP Version Not Supported:
    Your browser has made a request using HTTP 1.1, but the server you made the request to supports only up to HTTP 1.0. This error doesn't occur often but could become prevalent if a new version of the HTTP spec is released and becomes widespread.

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