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Frequently Asked Questions

    Technical Questions

    Common HTTP Error Codes: Click here for a definitive list.
    Does @watch handle Flash and Shockwave?
    @watch now supports the use of Flash and Shockwave. In order for our engine to watch your page's implementation, it must use this object tag: <OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000">.

    Currently, we only support the above implementation. This means that we cannot support flash/shockwave that use <embed> tags,<applet> tags, or any type of Javascript to reference the Flash or Shockwave object.
    What about Quicktime, Real Audio, and other plugins?
    We are always expanding what our engine can watch. To date the only plugins we support are Flash and Shockwave, but check back often for more enhancements to the @watch service.
    Do I have to download client software and put it on my web site to use your service?
    No, @watch requires no software at the client web site. We do encourage our customers to download our @watch button for their home page. Displaying our button shows web customers and visitors that your site is fighting downtime on the web. (It is also a great looking button!)
    We have a user name/password protected page, can we use @watch?
    Yes, @watch can verify that your user name and password page is
    working. For URLs with basic authentication, customers only need
    provide us with a user name and password.
    What about a CGI based login page?
    Yes, @watch can POST data to the URL being watched to log onto
    HTML/CGI based login pages. If the process receiving the POST requires a cookie, @watch can get also get cookies from a Cookie URL. Checking for the presence of a specific text string to indicate that a successful logon has taken place completes the process.
    Can I use the service if my site uses Javascript and/or VBscript?
    We currently do not support any implementation of Javascript or VBscript. We are currently exploring adding that functionality to a later release of the @watch service.
    Do I have to worry about what platform my web site is running on (e.g. NT, Apache, Linux, UNIX, MAC)?
    No, the @watch service is not platform specific. In fact, our service emulates user experience and visitors don't care about platforms. Visitors are interested in content and they want to have a problem free visit to your web site. We help you make sure they do consistently.
    Do you support cookies?
    We now fully support site and session cookies.
    How will @watch affect our site's hit counter?
    Your site log will show the same number of hits each day (depending on your @watch frequency). For example, if you have the 60-minute interval service your hit count would show 24 hits from @watch each day.
    How will @watch affect my site's server logs?
    As an example, if you have nine images on your home page, each time @watch checks your site, it will log 10 hits – one for the page itself and one for each image. Some of our customers use filters (available in most log file analysis software) to filter out our engine's activity.
    Does the service handle HTML redirects?
    We now support up to three HTML redirects. Currently, we do not support Javascript redirects.
    Ours is a secure page? What can @watch do?
    @watch is capable of accessing web pages secured with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) version 3.0 or higher.
    Will your service affect the performance of my site?
    The answer is no. Our engine looks like any other web site visitor to your site.
    Will the content check service affect the performance of my site?
    The answer is Yes, but not during peak hours. We perform these server intensive operations during non-peak hours and less frequently than other watches. The content check watch is performed once a week to avoid unnecessary traffic to a site. We perform this during non-peak hours (between 3-5 a.m. EST, GDT-5) and you should expect to see more traffic at your site than normal during these hours.
    How does @watch handle alerts during a regional or national Internet outage?
    @watch has built in safeguards to assure that we do not flood our customers with alerts during major Internet outages. We will show the outage on our reports, but will not send alerts during a major Internet outage. We will send an informational alert after the event and our reports will show the outage beginning, duration & end.

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