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dct inc


Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc

    Dale Carnegie Training® is a global provider of locally delivered training in leadership, sales, interpersonal and communications skills essential to improving the performance of individuals and teams, and adding value to organizations. With franchise offices in each of the 50 states and in over 65 countries, we are dedicated to serving the business community worldwide. With this global presence, comes a responsibility to our staff, our franchisees and to our customers to provide reliable I.T. systems that they can depend on 24/7. Atwatch has helped us to achieve this goal with their first-rate web monitoring and alert service. Since signing on with them several years ago, we have had nothing short of an excellent experience. The reliability and accuracy of the service that they provide is second to none and the piece of mind that they provide us with is priceless. I can honestly say that Atwatch is one of the few companies that I'd recommend to others without hesitation. If you're looking to decrease your downtime and to increase your productivity and profits, I would highly recommend Atwatch as your performance and availability monitoring solution.


The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium

    George F. Claffey, Jr.
    Chief Information Officer, B.S.A.A.

    The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium is Connecticut's only ASP provider of LMS services for K-20 education. Formed in 1998, the CTDLC serves the online learning needs of over 25 Connecticut institutions including colleges, K-12 systems, and state agencies.

    The CTDLC is currently serving over 100,000 students online. The CTDLC uses the Atwatch 24/7 services to monitor all of its mission critical servers. A combination of personnel, alert systems and monitoring has allowed us to maintain a 99.98% uptime in our data center. This ensures that our students can learn anywhere, anytime.


    Matthew C. Hollingsworth
    President & CEO
    "@watch has become one of the most valuable tools used by," says Matthew C. Hollingsworth. has two equally important customers, employers and job seekers, and we provide them with targeted technical recruiting solutions. It's imperative that our web site is up and available as close to 100% of the time as possible. I would recommend @watch to anyone who needs to ensure that their web site is up and running properly. It's an invaluable service that can save you thousands of lost sales dollars.

Education Resource

Hobsons Americas

    Norm Goldrich
    Chief Operating Officer & CTO

    We use @watch's service to audit our website accessibility, assess the end user performance experience, show performance trends, and provide alerts if a problem arises. We have a considerably talented group here who publish and maintain our web sites; developing the sites, updating content, managing the information, and making sure it's available for our site visitors.
    One of the main reasons we use @watch is because we need external unbiased monitoring of our sites. offers information on thousands of colleges and universities including virtual campus tours, criteria-based searches, financial aid answers, scholarships and resources, school applications, career information, and much more. So, take time to wander around some of our sites - @watch helps us make sure it's all there.


MTD Products Inc.

    Greg Rice
    Web Administrator

    Since his company signed on with @watch, server down time has been kept to a minimum. Greg Rice explains that MTD (Modern Tool & Dye) -- which manufacturers Cub Cadet lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment -- hosts its consumer Web site internally and the site includes the capability for consumers to download service manuals, which is one critical reason why the server must be continually up and running.
    Problem is, MTD doesn't have a round-the-clock tech staff to monitor the connections. "Since we started using @watch, it's kept us from having to spend money on personnel costs and other expensive services to keep our server going," says Rice. "It fit the bill for us because it continually polls our server and makes sure response times are good -- and without it, we would have no way of knowing if customers who log on are having a good experience."
    Rice says that on the occasions when @watch has detected problems, he's been contacted within minutes. "It sends an e-mail to my pager telling me exactly what the problem is, and I've been able to get the server back up and running within 15 minutes," he says. "It's great, because if it went down on the weekend or overnight, it could be down days before we even knew it."



    Lloyd Richardson
    eMindBIZ Network Operations

    eMindBIZ provides customers with web hosting and web development solutions. We tackle projects ranging from a small business website, to a multiserver co-located cluster. That said, keeping tabs on the datacenter is a requirement for any ISP. Internal monitoring system's are a great solution, however using a "looking glass" from another network is necessary to see the big picture. @Watch has provided eMindBIZ this service, coupled with excellent support from their staff. We have, and will continue to recommend @Watch to anyone in need of an external monitoring presence.

first tracks software

First Tracks Software, L.L.C.
Ryan Reichenbach
    First Tracks Software is an application service provider providing Hosted CRM and Customer Satisfaction Solutions. Our customers are businesses located all over the United States and depend upon our systems to provide 24/7 access to their hosted websites, CRM data, system integration, and remote backup procedures. Having a monitoring service like @watch is necessary to provide alerts regarding service connectivity issues as well as detailed reports on service uptime.
    Aside from being 100% dependable at sending alerts, the tech support provided by @watch is excellent. It's not too often that you get a follow up phone call after an email regarding a tech support request. But this is exactly what I got and is an excellent policy. In my situation, this helped remedy my problem much faster than if I had been dealing with my telcom or internet service providers. Your personalized service is greatly appreciated.

first tracks software

Website Forge, LLC
Shane Merem
President - Website Forge LLC

    Customer service is known to be the most effective catalyst to happy customers that ultimately lead to more customers. It only makes sense to stack the deck in your favor by choosing the best foundation for your products and services. Our company chose the best programmers, the best managed hosting solution and finally we have chosen the best Network Monitoring Solution.
    AtWatch is the only company that does the job we expect. Impeccable customer support and even better attention to detail. Thank you for your aggressive, iron clad service you provide. We wouldn't sleep well without it. Hundreds of our customers count on you.


Hebrew Union College
John Bruggeman
I.S. Director

    Hebrew Union College has 2328 rabbinic alumni, offers over 500 courses, has a library containing 700,000 volumes, and much, much more. If you want to know more about HUC and what we have to offer - we know you can get that information on our Web site. @watch gives us the assurance that our site is up, our links are available, and you can quickly retrieve the information you need. If you can't, we're notified and can fix it. So if you want to see pictures of our four locations, or check out our Calendar of Events on our home page, we know it will be there for you - we use @watch.

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